Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues:

I am launching a new weekly newsletter and health blog.  Each week I will provide you with information to help you and your family achieve maximal health with minimal effort and cost. 
Being healthy can be surprisingly easy.  The biggest hurdle is actually mental. “If you can tame your mind, you can master your life.” – me  :-)
Please know that my goal is to help you navigate through the volumes of conflicting information so that you can be empowered to create a life and body that you love.
Newsletter and blog topics will include nutrition, exercise, detoxification, healthy recipes, eating plans, supplementation, motivational techniques, meditation, yoga and much more!!!
And… there will be no douchey sales pitches, ever. I promise! 
If for any reason you do not wish to receive the newsletter, kindly unsubscribe by clicking the link below. If you wish to receive the newsletter at a different email address, please contact me.
Yours in health and well being,
Allison Andrews
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p.s. Please feel free to suggest topics for the newsletter and blog!!