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I have seen many an article with a headline similar to the subject line of this email. It’s designed to make you think you can get there in a few easy steps. Well, you probably can get there or at least make reasonable headway by making a few changes.

 The problem is behavioral changes can be quite difficult. That’s why the fitness and lifestyle coaching industries have exploded in recent years. You know, to help you get over that hurdle of making positive changes and eliminate self-sabotaging habits…

 The bottom line is this, you have to change your mindset. Once you do this the rest is easier than you might imagine.

 I have overcome a few less-than-healthy habits over the years. For instance, I had a raging cigarette habit that was fueled by an overly demanding and unstable job and fears of failure and public humiliation.

 But, I successfully quit smoking during this most intense and unstable time of my life. I will spare you the details, but everything was going wrong and I couldn’t figure out how to change the crash course I was on.

 Smoking gave me instant relief in the moment. It was an emotional crutch that I had become dependant on for temporary bouts of relief from my deep suffering.

 However, I knew that every puff of a cigarette was deteriorating my health, longevity, and quality of life. And, smoking had become a negative social stigma so I hid it from as many people as I could, which severely affected my social life.

 It was a paradox. With every puff I was grateful for the relief, but I also thought about the long-term consequences to myself, my family and those I cared about, which caused me to suffer. Over time, I came to associate smoking with more pain than it relieved.

 When I got to that point, I quit. Just like that. It was easy and I never looked back.

 So, the point of the post today is this: If you have lifestyle habits that are chipping away at your health, well-being, and/or your relationships with others, then you are suffering emotionally, physically, and spiritually. And the only way to stop your suffering and get on with living a happy, healthy, and productive life is to change your mindset and do something about it!

 More on how to change your mindset in upcoming articles.

 In the meantime, here are some bullet points related to getting and staying healthy, trim, and fit. I will revisit each of these in detail in future posts.

            Eat a nutrient dense diet, with plenty of healthy fats and quality protein

           Eliminate sugar and other nutrient-poor starches from your diet

           Eliminate processed foods from your diet

           No fast-foods, ever (not even the so-called “healthy” choices)

           Choose organic fresh or local produce over mass-produced foods

           Avoid big-agriculture, aka household name brand products

           Read your food labels; if you don’t know what the ingredients are, leave it on the shelf.

           Educate yourself on topics like food labeling, HFCs, GMOs, etc.

           Buy your meats, dairy, and produce at local farmers markets

           Move your body, every day!

           Get plenty of rest

           Spend quality time alone meditating, relaxing, or being mindful

           Eliminate all sources of toxins from your food and environment

           Try a detox program to help your body eliminate toxins stored in your body

           If you have a chronic illness, become an expert on the disease

           Stay positive!  Focus your thoughts on your goals, knowing you will achieve them

           Develop habits of that lead to positive change and success

 See you next week!


Yours in health and well being,


 p.s. We are going to cover a lot of territory in this blog/newsletter, please feel free to suggest topics that interest you!!



04/16/2016 6:41am

Exactly, so take the time to plan out your weight loss and you will be more successful than trying to do it the quick way.


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