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One thing that drives me crazy about being in the health and fitness industry is our culture’s obsession with body image, especially around the subject of body weight. It is so deeply engrained in us that we will do just about anything to drop 5 pounds or fit into a pair of skinny jeans.

We starve ourselves, take pills that cause issues from diarrhea to heart disease, exercise in rubber suits, and spend endless amounts of our hard earned money on the latest diet, supplement, and exercise fad. And, the faster the product promises to produce results, the more we are willing to spend and the more we are willing put our own health at risk.

The weird thing is we tend to resist doing the one thing that is guaranteed to trim our waistline, improve our physical and mental health, prevent and eradicate most disease, and slow down the aging process. And that is eating a healthy diet.

Sure, other factors like exercise and meditation positively affect our waistlines, health, appearance, energy level, and vitality. For maximal health and wellness, each of these things should be incorporated into our daily health regimen.  Each factor has distinct benefits.  Together they complement each other to create results that are greater than the sum of the parts. However in isolation, none are as powerful or work as fast for trimming your waistline and improving your health as eating a nutrient dense diet, by a long shot! 

I will lay out for you the benefits and the basic elements of a nutrient dense diet and how to get started in upcoming article(s). In the meantime, you can request a free copy of the eating plan that I recommend for most people here <link>. Keep in mind, if you have health issues or take meds that can be affected by certain foods, or if you have food allergies, I recommend you run this plan by your doctor first and make whatever modifications are necessary to ensure it is within your physician’s plan of care.

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