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For your reference, here’s a brief essay about the importance of staying hydrated and how much water you need on a daily basis.

Water accounts for approximately 60% of body weight and it is critical to staying alive and healthy. It affects the functioning of organs and tissues, regulation of body temperature, nutrient availability for use by various parts of the body, eliminating waste, keeping skin supple, and much more.1–3

The standard recommendation for water intake for a healthy adult is 8–13 cups of water per day, more if you engage in exercise or other dehydrating activities, such as drinking alcohol.1  That may seem like a lot of water to drink in a day, but by consuming hydrating food and beverages, such as soups, fruits, and vegetables, the amount of drinking water required to stay hydrated decreases.4

The actual amount of water you need per day to stay hydrated has become the subject of much debate in recent years because so many factors influence hydration levels. I personally recommend you listen to your body. When you feel thirsty, drink some water or tea, or grab a slice of watermelon to satiate your thirst.

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