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Motivational life coach, Tony Robbins, claims if you ask yourself better questions you get better answers and better solutions.1 Lets give this philosophy a litmus test.

“Why can’t I lose weight?!” I have heard this many times over the years. Unfortunately, it is a very unproductive question.

You see, our brains are designed to solve problems; that’s what they do! When you pose a question, your brain searches for answers.

With a self-directed question like “Why can’t I lose weight?” the answers that arise depend on one’s inner self-chat.

If a person tends to be overly self-critical, they might come up with an answer like “because you are a lazy fatso, how could you possibly lose weight when you sit on your butt eating bonbons all day!”

A person with a positive inner dialogue might come up with something like, “It’s just not in the cards, I mean seriously it’s probably genetic, everyone in my family tends to be overweight.”

In either case, where did those answers lead them? Nowhere. What solutions arose? None. What action will they likely take to address their dissatisfaction with being overweight? None.

What if they changed their question to “How can I lose weight?” All of a sudden, in either scenario, a list of solutions will automatically arise: eat healthier, exercise, stop drinking soda pop, take up jogging or kick-boxing, etc.

Will this cause them to lose weight? Of course not, but their mental problem solving efforts will have been much more productive. It will put them one step closer to their desired outcome, and in a position to take action rather than feeling helpless or sorry for themselves.

What questions are you asking yourself? Could you ask them in a way that leads to more productive answers? Give it a try. You might be surprised at the results!

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1. Robbins A. Morning questions: Use the power of questions to change your life. Available at: http://training.tonyrobbins.com/morning-questions-use-the-power-of-questions-to-change-your-life/. Accessed 2/23/2015.



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