Please share with the group what you hope to accomplish by participating in the FIYB Healthy Lifestyle Initiative and what do you think your greatest challenges will be? (it doesn't have to be health or fitness related, many of the tools I am providing can be used for any goals).


Suzanne Watters
01/07/2015 11:50am

Hi! I'm excited about participating in the Healthy Lifestyle Initiative! There is so much confusing information out there and I'm so frustrated with following this diet then that one then another to always end up in the candy aisle. My main goal is to lose weight and regain the strength (or at least some of it) that I took for granted in my younger years. My main challenge is a busy schedule and deadline-driven, sit-in-one-place work life.

01/07/2015 12:11pm

Thanks Suzanne for being the first to comment! I am glad you are excited to participate in the HLI. I think your frustrations and challenges are shared by many people. We will chip away at the disinformation that's out there and fill in the gaps with information that will empower you to make the changes that are right and best for you and your family. And, I hope you can find time to use the goal setting tools to help you avoid the alluring candy aisle!! :)

01/14/2015 6:26am

Hi there. I'm super happy to participate in the HLI. The recent newsletters have been very helpful in looking at beliefs that are holding me back from living my best life.

My goals are similar to Suzanne's. I want to loose weight, gain strength, and energy.

My main challenge is my thinking, followed by low energy and pain. I need to keep things simple.

So far I've lost 5 pounds by cutting out refined sugar and being more diligent about adding more fruits and vegetable to my diet.

Thanks Allison!

01/27/2015 1:31pm

I'm excited to be a part of this group. I look forward to the nutritional advice forthcoming . . . what to eat to achieve the most energy for the least amount of calories, what to eat before & after training, getting rid of toxins, etc. Thanks.

01/29/2015 7:42am

I am very excited about the HLI. The information provided is motivating and empowering.

My goal is to be 50 pounds lighter by January 1, 2016. I know that is a great deal of weight, but I need to dream big. Reaching this goal can be reached if I work hard and eat smart.

Since I have such a big order to fill, I have been working hard and have lost 4 pounds since January 8. I feel super motivated by the program and know it will work for me. Thank you Allison.


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